DIY: Chocolate Truffle Cocoa Spoons

At my nephew’s wedding reception last year, they had a chocolate bar. It was truly the hit of the party. In addition, they had a coffee and tea bar with chocolate truffle spoons. I had never seen these before, but people enjoyed stirring their coffee and tea with these spoons so much that this summer when another nephew got married, people were still talking about these spoons.


I found a recipe from Sue of She makes her spoons fancy, with sprinkles, but they can be made without if you prefer. On her site  she provides step-by-step directions as well as a variety of topping ideas. This is an easy way to make your next cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate extra special, or a fun project to make for gifts. The recipe and instructions can be found at the link below.

Chocolate Truffle Spoons


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