Healthy Dessert: Dark Chocolate Covered Almond Butter Cups

Today in my research I came across a wonderful recipe that I just had to try.  Most importantly, this dessert is amazingly delicious.  It is, also, however, healthy.

It is made of dark chocolate which has been shown to have many health benefits when eaten in moderation. It also contains almond butter. This video is from YouTube’s TheWeeChef channel.

[cleveryoutube video=”” vidstyle=”2″ pic=”” afterpic=”” width=”” starttime=”” endtime=””  caption=”TheWeeChef’s: Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups” showexpander=”off” alignment=”center” newser=””]


I believe that these homemade almond butter cups are MUCH better than any similar store bought product. They are easy to make and could be the perfect dessert to accompany your dinner tonight!


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