Kindle Book: The Ultimate NO-Bake Cookbook

The Ultimate No-Bake Dessert Cookbook

Today’s free Kindle recipe book is The Ultimate No Bake Cookbook by Samantha Parker. This recipe book currently has a star rating of 4.8. Within the reviews people have said that they like having the entire collection of Samantha’s in one place and that it is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like to bake!

The Ultimate No-Bake Dessert Cookbook

 According the The Ultimate NO-Bake Dessert Cookbook’s description this book has recipes that include, “Pies, Cakes, Cheescakes…Fudge, Truffles, Frozen Bites, Mini Cheesecakes, plus many more….” This recipe book is free on Amazon’s Kindle today, March 16, 2014. If you land on this page after today, the regular price is  $5.99.

The Ultimate NO-Bake Dessert Cookbook


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